Get to know Fernando Alonso girlfriend Dasha Kapustina

One of the most popular racing drivers in the prestigious competition named Formula 1 is certainly Fernando Alonso. What is there to say about his professional life? What about his personal life? Who is Fernando Alonso girlfriend Dasha Kapustina? Discover more of juicy details at website, an unofficial page by his dedicated fans!

Things to know about Fernando Alonso

When it comes to Fernando Alonso professional life, we need to say that he is one of the most successful Formula 1 racers nowadays next to Vettel and Hamilton. He was born on the 29th of July in 1981 in Spain. He started his career when he was very young and some might even laugh at the fact that he started it at the age of three participating in karting where he later even managed to win two championships in his homeland Spain. When it comes to his career in Formula 1 he started in 2001 when he joined the Minardi team. In 2003 and up to 2006 he was racing for the Renault team and after that for McLaren but only for a year and then he went back to Renault. However, since 2010, he has been racing for Scuderia Ferrari team. Besides being successful at what he does it is important to say that he is also one of the Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF. He ended the last season ranked No.2 and in the ongoing season he is currently ranked No. 3.

Things to know about Fernando Alonso girlfriend Dasha Kapustina

When it comes to the personal life of Fernando Alonso it is important and interesting to say that this Spanish Formula 1 driver has an interesting nickname El Nano, named after the pace he comes from. Another interesting fact about Fernando Alonso is that he is a great fan of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers and that he also enjoys watching James Bond movies. In addition, it is also important to say that he was married to a popular Spanish singer Raquel del Rosario but they did divorce in 2011. However, who is his present day girlfriend? What can be said about Fernando Alonso girlfriend Dasha Kapustina? She was born on the 13th of December in 1989 in Vladivostok in Russia. When it comes to her professional life we can say that she is a model with a great modeling career as she was modeling for some of the greatest designers such as Gucci and Chanel but let us not to forget to mention Dior. In addition, it is important to say that Fernando Alonso girlfriend Dasha Kapustina studied Human Resources in Russia. If you would like to know when this relationship started we need to tell you that we are not sure about the date but let’s just say that it sparkled between them around the middle of 2012.


Truffle hunting in Croatia

Truffles are very rare mushroom that is found only in a few areas in Europe. Most of them grow in France, Italy and Croatia. In Croatia are found in Istria, specifically in Motovun forest. We are looking for truffles with the help of specially trained dogs. Search for truffles is called truffle hunting.

Truffle hunting is widespread in the interior of Istria. Local people are looking for extra income with the help of truffle hunting because it can be a very lucrative business. Truffles grow, especially in autumn and spring, some species throughout the year. Those who are lucky may earn very well with the help of truffles that on market reach very high prices.

Truffle hunting

There are two types of truffles. They are white and black truffles. White truffles are more expensive and much more appreciated and therefore is called as a trophy of truffle hunters. For truffle hunting in Croatia you need special authorization, proving that you have passed the exam and pay a fixed annual fee. Private forests are exempt from this, but the truffle hunters often argue due to forest ownership. Often in their forests they caught any strangers who get in their forest to hunt for truffles.

Recently, truffle hunting is very popular among tourists who are looking for a unique experience to spend their free time and at least one day become truffle hunter. The adventure is very interesting because it usually contains a brief instructional in first part, where the individual meet his dog for truffle hunting and gets basic information about where and how to look for truffles. Hunting for truffles begins in the forest, where we get helps from dogs and experienced truffle hunter. Upon completion of hunting truffles a host prepares us delicious scrambled eggs with truffles. Those are the truffles that we have find, of course, if we’re lucky.

In addition to truffle hunting as a tourist you can look for different tasting of truffle products. Those products you can buy from local producers. Especially popular is truffle oil, which can be used in each kitchen.

Motovun forest with its distinctive growth is a paradise for truffle hunting, as well as fascinate even with its magic and beautiful town Motovun, which is located on a hill overlooking the Motovun forest. If anything will stays after a long day spent truffle hunting, it is advisable to visit the Istrian pearl which certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Medium Layered Haircuts 2015

Usually, women with medium haircuts look pretty normal, because it is hard to be special when you are right in the middle. But medium layered haircuts 2015 will change it, and you will get a fresh and stylish look. The secret is to add layers, bangs, fringes, anything that could give you a different and interesting look.

Take a look at the most inspired medium layered haircuts 2015 and choose one that suits your face shape:

  • Wispy waves – This is one of the coolest medium layered hairstyles 2015, perfect for sunny beach days or hot parties. Ask your hair stylist for soft layers and texture. You can even get bangs if you want, but soften it with a razor. Avoid bold bangs! Use was and hair spray and enjoy the goddess look.
  • Scarlet glow – If you want to dye your hair red, this is one of the best medium layered hairstyles 2015. Add some shades and subtle copper highlights and you will create depth and movement to your hair. The chiseled layers will frame your face in a nice way, making you glow.
  • Glamour girl – The sophisticated medium layered hairstyles 2015 are back. Find the perfect layered haircut, add some waves and a side swept bangs and enjoy looking fabulous. It is the perfect hairstyles for a night out with the girls or if you want to be in the center or attention. Just have fun!
  • Vintage romance – Every girl will appreciate these thick curls that will give you an old-world glamour look. It looks best if you dye your hair red and get modern short razor bangs. Use large rolls to get the style and a curling iron to maintain it. Create the curls according to the layers and you will look fabulous.
  • Fun with volume – Try one of the trendiest medium layered hairstyles 2015 and you will look amazing. You need some whimsical curls, long side swept bangs and you are ready to rock. Let the layers in front frame you face and balance the curls with hair spray.

OPI Winter 2015 nail designs

Trends for nails designs are different every year. Many of the world’s top nail-care product brands put out new collections every few months. OPI Winter 2015 collection is no exception to that rule. If you want to design your fingernails you can use one of many different nail colors inside the OPI Winter 2015 collections. It is widely known that OPI is the world’s most popular nail polish brand with a few million customers all over the world. Nail polishes produced and marketed by OPI are almost always a guarantee for success. As the winter season is right around the corner in the northern hemisphere, it is time to present you with the latest OPI Winter 2015 collection. You can buy it at all the official OPI stores and also on

The Opi Winter 2015 collections include many different shades, one of them being named “Power of Pink”, which should represent the uniqueness of the ladies all across the globe. This shade can go widely-trending because it features both dark and light pink glitters. Opi Winter 2015 collections have over 20 different and unique shades which can be used to make any nails more attractive, yes, including yours!

Another OPI Winter 2015 collection which will most likely inspire you to buy, is so-called “Nordic Collection”. It contains 12 different stylish colors – from bright floral to earthy brown ones. If you want to achieve the stylish and trendy look for your nails, make sure you pick one of the many OPI Winter 2015 collections available today!

Clay Matthews

American football linebacker, William Clay Matthews III plays for the Green Bay Packers. Clay Matthews was born on May 14, 1986 in Northridge California.

Clay Matthews studied in Agoura High School in Agoura Hills, California. He played football for the high school football team with the Agoura Chargers. Although Clay’s father was the defensive coordinator of the team, he did not consider his son to be in their team because of his son physique. However, during his senior years, Clay’s physique starts to develop and was invited to play by the Division l FCS schools and community colleges. As he enters college, Clay Matthews decided to study at the University of Southern California. Just like his father, Clay is hopeful to play for the Trojans football team.

Clay Matthews played for the USC Trojans football team from 2004 to 2008. He was then a student athlete of the University of Southern California under head coach Pete Carroll. Clay was a reserve linebacker during the 2005 season. Clay Matthews was granted the full athletic scholarship at the start of the 2006 season. Clay remained a reserve linebacker in 2006 and 2007 seasons. He again received another award in 2006 and 2007 as USC’s Co- Special Teams Player of the Year Awards.

Clay Matthews continued training and practicing to improve his physique and improve his strengths and resistance and also to improve his performance. At the start of the 2008 season, Clay received another award as USC’s Co-Special Teams Player of the Year in 2008 which makes him the only player in the University of Southern California to receive three consecutive Special Teams Player of the Year Award.

In 2009, Clay was considered as a top prospect for the 2009 FL Draft and he was also a participant in the Senior Bowl.

Jobs for 13 Year Olds

At 13 some teenage boys and girls likes to work during weekends and on long vacations to gain experience and to earn their own money. This way they will be able to help their families. They will also be able to save and buy their personal things. Jobs for 13 year olds can be done on a part time basis. However, jobs for 13 year olds should be jobs that are easy to handle by a 13 year old boy or girl.

There are many jobs for 13 year olds to choose. These jobs do not require the applicants to have an experience as they apply for a particular job. Some employers would prefer to hire or get the services of a 13 year old because these kids will really try their best to accomplish their works. Another advantage of hiring a 13 year old is that they will not demand higher wages or salaries. On the other hand, jobs for 13 year olds can give these kids a chance to work and earn their first salary from a hard day’s work. Working at an early age prepares these kids to face whatever lies ahead as they grow older. They will also learn the value and importance of work and money.

Delivering newspapers every morning is one of the Jobs for 13 year olds. What you need here is just a bike to speed up your work. Another job is working as a dishwasher in a restaurant or any food chain. Working in a retail store or a convenience outlet as a packer or delivery boy are also jobs for 13 year olds. Working as a private teacher or tutor can help them practice what they have learned in school as they teach their students what they need to know.

Jobs for 17 year olds

As we grow older, our sense of responsibility improves. We become more conscious and aware of what is actually happening in our surroundings and the people around us especially in our family. We tried our best to participate and be involved in whatever problems faced by the family. In most cases, problems over financial or money matter are the common problem that every family will always encounter.

As a 17 year old student, I would also like to help my parents solve our problems in my own little way. There are jobs for 17 year olds that I can do. I know that the works available in jobs for 17 year olds are not heavy and can be handled by a 17 year old. Jobs for 17 year olds are only part time jobs. In most cases, the employers pay per hour basis. It is usually done during vacation time or on weekends so that it will not interfere with their studies.

Jobs for 17 year olds can be a work in a food chain, snack bar, restaurant or coffee shop. They can work there as a service crew, errand or a dishwasher. Jobs for 17 year olds can also be an attendant or a gasoline boy in a gasoline station. He can also work as a receptionist or helper in an internet café. Other jobs for 17 year olds include baby sitting or looking after and helping a grandma or a grandpa who can no longer walk straight. Watering the plants and taking care of other people’s garden is also easy works that a 17 year olds can do.

These part time jobs can help the 17 year olds appreciate and value their work. It can also help them save and help their family in their own little way.

Apartments Ljubljana

Apartments Ljubljana offer the best accommodation to tourist and visitors who plan to stay in Ljubljana for a vacation or for whatever reasons they have in mind. The Apartments Ljubljana are spacious and are carefully designed to meet the needs of their tenants. They have complete amenities that their tenants can use, making every moment they spent in the apartment worthwhile. It is also fully furnished to cater to your needs.

Booking .com and other websites have a complete list of the Apartments Ljubljana that can help you choose the right unit for you and your family. The list also includes the different rates offered for each unit. Apartments Ljubljana has different models and designs and floor areas. It is important to note that in choosing the apartment, the number of persons who will occupy the unit will be considered first. For instance, if you are unaccompanied, you can consider choosing the unit which has only one bedroom. Making reservations and bookings for the desired unit or apartment on specified dates can be made online at your convenience.

While there are hotels in Slovenia and Ljubljana, Apartments Ljubljana is still considered the perfect place to rent. The apartments here have a cheaper rate compared to a hotel. Apartments Ljubljana can also give you a feeling of being at home because of its ambiance. Unlike the hotel, you can stay at the apartment for longer periods. You can rent or lease a preferred unit for a day or even for a year with your family and friends. The apartments in Ljubljana can also be used by people who have decided to stay in Ljubljana or Slovenia for good. Ljubljanas geographic location within Slovenia, also makes it an ideal place for people who want to live permanently in this part of the world.

10 Cool Jobs for 15 Year Olds

There are many jobs for 15 year olds on the market, so if you want to work you will find something for sure. Actually, having par time jobs as a teenager is a great thing. It will teach you what responsibility really is, it will help you get experience, and last, but not least, you will earn your first money.

You are lucky enough because in our times, there are many opportunities and jobs for 15 year olds, and all you need is the desire to work. If you are ready for it, here is a list with the best jobs for 15 year olds:

  1. Work online – Nowadays, it is quite easy to make money online. Start your own blog, design logos or websites, write articles, sell products.
  2. Start tutoring – Many teenagers are offering tutoring services for other students, who need help. You can start with $10 per hour, and improve constantly.
  3. Typing jobs – If you have good typing skills, why not to offer your services to a company? Charge per word!
  4. Babysitting – This is one of the most popular jobs for 15 year olds, and it is quite fun to do it.
  5. Clean houses – If you don’t have a problem with cleaning houses, you will find a lot of opportunities to do it. Try to do it on a regular basis.
  6. Craigslist scavenger – You can get things for free that people don’t need or use anymore, clean or repair them, and sell them later.
  7. eBay expert – If you like selling things, you can do it for other people on eBay. Your commission could be between 30 and 50 per cent.
  8. Ask for jobs on the street – You may find many jobs for 15 year olds if you simply ask on the street, from shop to shop.
  9. Restaurant work – This is also one of the most popular jobs for 15 year olds, because it is easy to do. You can set tables and wash dishes, and get some money for it.
  10. Had out flyers – Easy to do, and it will bring you some cash.

Hairstyles for Black Women

If you are looking for hairstyles for black women, you are in the right place. Black hair needs special attention and special care, because of its textures. That is why, also the hairstyles for black women are different, adapted to the needs of this type of hair. For example, you won’t see many layers and volumes in the hairstyles for black women, but you will notice natural looks, weaves techniques, and flawless looks.

If you already decided to change your haircut, make sure you discuss first with your hair stylist, who could tell you what hairstyle to get, according to your face shape. Also, try to match your personality and your lifestyle to your haircut. For example, if you are a very active, sporty person, choose a short or medium haircut, braids, or curls. If you prefer elegant and classy looks, go for a bob, soft waves, or straight hair.

Here are the best hairstyles for black women that will help you decide what haircut to get this season:

  • Soft waves – The perfect haircut for black hair, which suits any occasions. It will give you a trendy and stylish look. Get longer layers that will give movement to your hair, and very soft curls. You need a little bit of hair spray and you are ready to rock.
  • Curly afro – This is one of the most popular hairstyles for black women, but it looks simply amazing. It is a version of the ‘70s afro, but more modern, funky, and sexy. If you like challenges, go for it, and you will be the attraction point everywhere you go.
  • Short and sassy – If you want a fun haircut, perfect for active women, this is the one for you. It needs low maintenance, but it is versatile, so you can wear it at a cocktail, or in a club on the beach.
  • Fierce ponytail – For those who are looking for one of the hottest hairstyles for black women, we want to recommend the ponytail. Probably you wear it often, but you never gave it a chance to be special. Just wrap your ponytail with a section of our own hair, and smooth it with a flat iron.

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